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Yurine Hanazono
Kanji花園 ゆりね

RomajiHanazono Yurine
MangaChapter 1
AnimeEpisode 1
Voice Actors
JapaneseNichika Oomori
Character Information

Yurine Hanazono (花園 ゆりね Hanazono Yurine?) is a witch who summoned Jashin-chan to Earth. She is relentless in brutally attacking her as penance for her actions, but is generally kind to others.


Yurine wears her dark pink in pigtails. Despite both her eyes being perfectly fine, she wears a white eyepatch over her right eye. She always dresses in a gothic lolita fashion.


Despite the fact that she seems rather cold or cynical, Yurine has a fairly strict but caring personality. Thanks to this, she quickly finds a common language with other characters.

As a protagonist, Yurine often acts as a kind of avatar of the audience, sarcastically commenting on what is happening around or being as a voice of reason that balances the foolishness and selfishness of Jashin.

For example, it was she who first noticed how much the relationship between Medusa and Jashin is like a romantic couple, or that the latter has a good side, but tries to hide it because of her tsundere nature.