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Mei Tachibana
Mei Tachibana
Kanji橘芽 依

RomajiTachibana Mei
AnimeEpisode 4
Voice Actors
JapaneseNatsuko Hara
Character Information

Mei Tachibana (橘芽 依 Tachibana Mei?) is police officer who falls for Jashin on sight.


Mei is a young woman sporting short brown hair and yellow/gold eyes. She is commonly seen in her police uniform.


She is portrayed as a rather frivolous person who combines work in the police with the theft of various objects or people she considers "cute".

What is noteworthy, Mei does not consider her inclinations strange for any reason, so she immediately tells Jashin and Yurine that she illegally detained the former because she "fell in love with her at first sight".


Mei first appears in the plot as a police woman, who madly in love with Jashin, and thus, most of her appearances in the story depend on this yuri element of the show. Although her crush is definitely one-sided, Mei is quite persistent in its attempts to steal her beloved, so that it turns into one of the running gag.