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MangaChapter 5
AnimeEpisode 1
Voice Actors
JapaneseMiyu Kubota
Character Information

Medusa (メデューサ Medyūsa?) is Jashin's best friend and actually the only person who loves and cares about her. As she is a gorgon demon, she is forced to carry a paper bag on her head, so as not to turn people into stone.


Medusa is a cute girl with pale skin, short light purple hair, and same color eyes. Earlier in the manga, Medusa wore a simple one-piece dress, but after leveling up, her attire changes, now wearing clothes with an Egyptian motif.


Medusa can be briefly described as the typical yamato nadeshiko or ideal wife, which is especially noticeable in her relationship with Jashin. She is emphatically polite and kind, exerting an exceptionally positive influence on everyone around her. When sufficiently angered however, Medusa goes into "Passive-Aggressive Mode", in which her mood is eerily calm, and she speaks in a more polite dialect.


As the best friends Medusa and Jashin share a strong, sometimes even intimate bond, more like a married couple from a caring, simple-hearted wife and careless  husband, which reminds Yurine of a "boy-girl relationship".

Whether this is the result of romantic feelings or just incredible kindness and Medusa's motherly feelings however, she continues to play the distinctive role of "wife" in their friendship.

Even though Jashin continues to have a toxic effect on Medusa and use her as a cash machine, their near-family relationship continues to be emphasized throughout the series, when Medusa gives her chocolate for St. Valentine's Day, or when Jashin invites Medusa to an actual date to apologize to her.

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