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MangaChapter 1
AnimeEpisode 1
Voice Actors
JapaneseAina Suzuki
Character Information

Jashin-chan (邪神ちゃん?) is a self-centered serpent who was summoned from Hell by Yurine. She possesses regenerative abilities which allow her to revive herself after her actions lead to bloody vengeance from Yurine.


Jashin has long blonde hair with light blue ribbons tied on both sides, and blue eyes. Being a lamia, Jashin's lower body is that of a green snake.


As a person, Jashin has a whole set of bad traits like open selfishness, gluttony, foolishness or even immorality when she manipulates the kindness of Medusa or eats the bento that Yurine gave to pauper Pecola. And despite the fact that she regularly receives various punishment for her bad deeds, Jashin does not extract any lesson from this.

Being a rather unsympathetic person, Jashin may seem like a kind of villain of this series, but she also has a good side, although she is trying to hide this behind her tsundere behavior.

This is most noticeable in her relationship with Medusa, when she even invites her on an actual date to the seventh episode, in order to apologize for her offensive behavior and use the opportunity when she can go out without a paper bag.


As the best friends Medusa and Jashin share a strong, sometimes even intimate bond, more like a married couple from a caring, simple-hearted wife and frivolous husband, which reminds Yurine of "boy-girl relationship".

In this relationships, Jashin often plays the role of an unrequited parasitic "husband" who shamelessly manipulates the kindness of her "wife" Medusa, constantly using it as a cash machine and manipulating her at every opportunity.

At the same time, at critical moments of their friendship, she is able to be quite sentimental, jealous and even openly admits that she is unable to function normally without Medusa, using for this purpose such words as "aishiteru", which is considered to be one of the strongest Japanese words for expressing platonic or romantic love for someone.

Even though Jashin continues to have a toxic effect on Medusa and use her as a cash machine, their near-family relationship continues to be emphasized throughout the series, when Medusa gives her chocolate for St. Valentine's Day, or when Jashin invites Medusa to an actual date to apologize to her.

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